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Every Christian in America is under siege - Catholic, Protestant, Black, Hispanic, White, rich, poor or middle class. For the first time in American history we are in a battle for the future and influence of the Christian church in our country. Not since the Civil War has there been such an intense struggle for the social, cultural and spiritual soul of America.


Forty-nine percent of young people ages 18 to 29 believe that socialism is preferable to capitalism. Socialism is Marxist ideology that substitutes government for God, the state for faith and central control and planning for freedom. It has been responsible for starvation, torture, murder and enslavement on a massive, genocidal scale. It tolerates no freedom of speech or thought. Followed to its intended conclusion, socialism is communism.


Christianity is the enemy of Marxist ideology because we believe that God is the ultimate authority, not man or the state. We honor the right of conscience of every individual, even those with whom we disagree.


And yet self-described socialists are getting elected to office and running for president. Socialists were elected to the Virginia legislature in 2017. A self-described and celebrated socialist was elected to Congress in New York in 2018. Many Democrats who do not label themselves socialists, nevertheless espouse Marxist ideology. 


Were it not for Hillary Clinton’s unfair manipulation of her Party’s apparatus in 2016, socialist Bernie Sanders would have probably been the Democrat Party’s nominee.


The left wants to limit free speech, abolish ICE and open our borders to a flood of illegal immigrants.They want a national guaranteed income, free college education and socialized medicine. They would use climate change to justify government control or ownership over all private business and property in a Green New Deal.


The Democrat Party has become anti-freedom, anti-Christian and anti-American.


Unless the Church stands up, America as we have known it will be lost.


Every Christian must pray for our country. We must stand up and speak up for the principles upon which this nation was founded. We must be warriors for faith, family and truth, without which our society will crumble. Leftist politicians have declared their willingness to kill babies not only in the womb but even after birth if an abortion was intended. We must defend the right of babies to live. Even if the whole society embraces the delusions of “same-sex marriage” and “gender fluidity,” we must uphold the landmarks established by God’s word and human history. 


We must also do the practical work of registering, voting and becoming active in the political process. Christians must get on the front line in this battle.


STAND does not endorse candidates, but we do endorse principles. It is time for the church to wake up, unite and fight for the vision of one nation under God. Only then can we be indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. 


If America devolves into a socialist nation, the freedom of Christians and the church and ultimately the liberty of every citizen will be crushed. This country was pioneered by pilgrims who came here seeking the right to follow their religious conscience, not the dictates of government. We must remember and strengthen the legacy of religious liberty they bequeathed to us.


The Campaign to Awaken the Church seeks to the preserve our First Amendment rights and assure that America fulfills its national destiny as the last best hope on earth for freedom loving people.




What can you do? 


Preach. If you are a Pastor, take a look at our “Vote the Rock”pamphlet. It will give you guidance for how to preach and teach to get your church activated. There is nothing illegal about registering your church members to vote. There are no rules against giving them spiritual counsel and guidance on voting their Christian values and supporting candidates who represent those values. If you are a lay person, pass the Vote the Rock pamphlet on to your Pastor.


Pray. Gather a team of prayer warriors in your church to intercede for our country, government and citizens to awaken to our desperate need to return to the Lord, knowing that He will abundantly pardon. You can pray in church or even set up a prayer conference call. Be sure to ask the Pastor for his blessing and keep him in the loop.


STAND. Your church can start a STAND ministry in the church. All you need in a team of committed people dedicated to informing, activating and mobilizing Christian voters. We can help you with all of these. God will not abandon us, but faith without works is dead. If we do our part, God will always do His. We need an awakening in America, and it must begin in the church.

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