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Over a year ago we launched the Awakening Hearts and Minds Project to reach black and other minority citizens who are trapped in the lies of the Left. They have been told that America is a systemically racist, white supremacist country. These lies breed hopelessness, despair and hatred for our country among our own citizens. STAND is liberating these communities with the truth. Our Founder and President, Bishop E.W. Jackson, was born into poverty and raised in foster care until ten years old. In spite of these obvious disadvantages, he has lived the American dream. He served in the United States Marine Corps, graduated from college and Harvard Law School and practiced law for many years before retiring. 


His life is now dedicated to promoting the truth about America as the greatest place of hope on earth. His life would have been very different had he not come to understand that. We at STAND want to liberate those who have been taken captive by the Left to anti-American lies and propaganda. We want to unify all Americans around the truth - that there is no better place on earth to fulfill your God-given potential than the United States. These are the first three radio ads we are running in urban areas around the country in 2022.

Liberating Black Citizens from the Lies of the Left
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School Choice

Help us increase the frequency of the ads and the number of markets we can reach with your donation today. Please consider signing up as a Patriot Partner with a monthly recurring donation. This is an ongoing program. The ads will change but the effort will continue. 

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