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Dear Fellow Patriots,

Last week I asked for your help in kicking off the Campaign To Awaken The Church. This week we launched it with my first video which you can see on our Facebook page and my new YouTube channel.

Within 50 hours this video was viewed by over 105,000 people. It has gone viral. We have not spent a dime paying to advertise it. Your donations will help it be seen by hundreds of thousands more.

I’ve just returned from my first trip to the battle ground state of Ohio. I was there with Pastor JC Church, National Director of Church Engagement for FRC. We preached to 100 Pastors, shared information and began to mobilize them for the upcoming elections.

We also appeared on TCT television, which broadcasts nationwide into 65 million homes and on the internet. We will let you know as soon as the program can be seen on the internet.

We are off and running. Next week, I release another video which the mainstream media will no doubt find controversial. Why? Because I tell the truth about race in America. The race baiting and demagoguery of the left must be exposed for what it is. It’s not about “social justice” for others. It’s about personal power for liberal elites. That truth is highly controversial to a mainstream media that publishes and broadcasts leftist propaganda.

STAND is doing things no other conservative organization does. I am asking you to partner with us as a STAND Patriot who will give monthly, whether it’s $3, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 or more if you can. The important thing is to do it monthly so we can count on it.


I hope the videos encourage and strengthen you in your convictions and commitment.

I’m never going to quit, but I cannot do it without your help. Thank you for your generosity. God bless you and may He continue to bless the United States of America.

For God & Country,

E.W. Jackson Sr.


P.S. If you are already a monthly donor, thank you. Or you prefer to give a lump sum, you can still become a 243 STAND Patriot. For a one time donation of $300 you will get a lifetime Stand membership as a STAND Patriot and an autographed copy of my newest book.

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