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**Press Release** Bishop E.W. Jackson's "Campaign to Awaken the Church" Video Goes Vir


Contact: Vanity Jackson Tel. 757-375-6444 June 27, 2018

Bishop E.W. Jackson's "Campaign to Awaken the Church" Video Goes Viral

Bishop E.W. Jackson, President of STAND ( Staying True to America’s National Destiny) has resumed efforts to spur greater participation by Christians in the electoral process. This week he launched a new initiative called “The Campaign to Awaken the Church.” The video was seen by nearly 100 thousand viewers within 2 days after release.

Watch the Viral Video Here!

Says Jackson, “Bible believing Christians must be active in electoral politics at every level and in every election - local, state and presidential. They must, register, vote, volunteer and contribute, not based on Party or personality, but on Christian principle.”

Along with many other evangelicals, the Bishop believes that President Trump will face impeachment if Democrats take over Congress. While STAND does not endorse candidates, he says, “we do endorse principles.” He urges Christians to support President Trump because “he stands up for God, for our country and for our religious liberty.”

In the video, Jackson argues, “unless Christians stand up, register and vote their Christian values, America as we know it is gone - the fundamental transformation of our country will be complete.”

He also warns against the growing promotion of socialism by the Democrat Party, and it’s acceptance among many Americans, especially millennials. Jackson says socialism is “evil” and is responsible for mass starvation, torture and genocide wherever it has been allowed to take root.

“Socialism is Marxist ideology that holds a materialist world view that denies the existence of God, the sacredness of human life and inherent individual rights,” says Jackson. “Christians must speak against it, stand against it and make sure that it is snuffed out like the deadly plague that it is. Those who promote it should be rejected by the Christian community as disqualified from holding elected office. That’s the only way we’re going stamp out this pernicious evil.”

In upcoming videos Jackson will also address the racial divide. The first of those will be released next week under the heading “The Truth In Black and White.”


E.W Jackson is a retired attorney; founder & President of S.T.A.N.D. []; Presiding Bishop of The Called Church []; former Virginia Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor and candidate for US Senate. twitter@ewjacksonsr; facebook@ewjacksonsr

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