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**Press Release**- Bishop E.W. Jackson Releases First “Truth in Black & White” VideoAs Part of “


Contact: Vanity Jackson Tel. 757-375-6444 August 9, 2018

Bishop E.W. Jackson Releases First “Truth in Black & White” Video

As Part of “Campaign To Awaken The Church”

Norfolk, VA. Bishop E.W. Jackson, Founder and President of STAND (Staying True to America’s National Destiny) today released another video in his Campaign To Awaken the Church for the November elections. This video - The Truth in Black & White - is aimed at black Christians and churches.

Bishop E.W. Jackson has a history of challenging black Americans on matters of race. A video released six years ago entitled “Exodus Now” was viewed by millions, and discussed widely on television and radio. It urged black Christians to leave the Democrat Party. It still circulates, and is available at this link.

This new production challenges what Jackson calls “using the pulpit for racial demagoguery.” He says that many black Pastors preach a racial world view that vilifies white people. According to the Bishop, "That is no different than antebellum white churches teaching the inferiority of Black people and their inherent fitness for slavery."

Jackson says, “Much of the modern black church has fallen into a similar racial error by classifying Americans of European descent as morally inferior. This is simply perpetuating the very racial attitudes that Dr. Martin Luther King’s Civil Rights Movement sought to eradicate.”

Bishop Jackson also makes a broader theological and philosophical argument about racial division. He says that history shows that racism is only a symptom of a deeper problem of “sin.”

“Human beings have been exploiting and subjugating each other since the fall of Adam,” says the Bishop. “The reasons have been as varied as life itself - tribe, geography, family, religion, ancient feuds, greed, covetousness and ideology. Race is just another in the long list of justifications for hatred and enslavement. Whether groups become victims or oppressors is often no more than a matter of what point in history they encounter each other.

That is why the Bible says, "There is none righteous, no, not one."

STAND educates Christians on their civic responsibility to engage the political process and vote their Christian values. Bishop Jackson is committed to bringing together Christians of every background to fight for the vision of “one nation under God.”


E.W Jackson is a retired attorney; founder & President of S.T.A.N.D. []; Presiding Bishop of The Called Church []; former Virginia Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor and candidate for US Senate. twitter@ewjacksonsr; facebook@ewjacksonsr

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