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Planned Parenthood = Genocide

Dear Fellow Patriots,

Let me introduce you to my second video on “The Truth in Black and White.”

These messages are having a profound impact. When I ran for US Senate in a very difficult primary, my best vote totals were in urban areas. There is a quiet awakening going on in the black community. We’ve been sowing seeds for many years, and the harvest is coming in.

It was six years ago that my video Exodus Now was released urging black Christians to abandon the Democrat Party because it’s platform has veered so far from the values all true ChrIstians hold dear. That video was seen by millions of people and is still being watched.

It is one of the most watched black conservative political videos in social media history. It was reviewed on Fox News, spurred lots of discussion on TV and at water coolers all over America. The liberal media denounced it as extreme, but I stand by every word.

With your help, the video I am releasing today could be as powerful. Please make the most generous donation you can to help me promote it. You can view it through the link below.

Watch The Video Here!!

Donate Today>>

I am not going to rest until we rescue black citizens from the Godless left. We must confront them with the fact that the party which claims a near monopoly on their political loyalty is destroying them in genocidal numbers.

Over the last month, Chicago has been in the news again because the number of shootings and deaths are at war zone levels. This is indeed a tragedy. However, the ugly little secret is that the deaths of black citizens, mainly young men, is the result of sixty years of liberal policies which drove men from the home, replaced work with welfare and created concrete jungles of poverty. Black people have been the pet social project of liberals and the subjects have not faired well.

Planned Parenthood took the liberal experiment to the level of genocidal efficiency. As major players in the baby killing business they have destroyed fifteen million black babies. Only God knows what geniuses, what leaders, what great men and women were never born.

The legacy of Planned Parenthood is not “reproductive rights” as they like to frame it. Their true legacy is making billions of dollars for mass murder.

Its founder Margaret Sanger was a confirmed racist who wanted to limit if not eliminate the back population. Her evil vision has been highly successful. She knew she needed the complicity of Black leaders to sell this cultural suicide to the unsuspecting. So she bought a stable of black ministers.

Well, they haven’t bought me and they never will. I am not for sale. As long as I am alive, I will proclaim the truth about the racial demagoguery and manipulation of the left and awaken others too it. I need your help.

I hope you will consider an automatic monthly donation to our work. As you know I am trying to recruit 243 STAND Patriots by July 4, 2019: the 243rd anniversary of American independence.Your monthly donation of as little as $3 will be a help. Of course whatever you give, large or small, one time, monthly or annually would be very much appreciated.

Donate Today>>

Please watch the video, like it, share it and post it everywhere you can. This message needs to reach millions. It needs to be seen by every American.

On average, every dollar you donate allows us to reach another 100 people. Your donation of $10, $20, $30, $40, $50 or more multiplies our reach exponentially.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. God bless you and yours, and may He continue to bless the United States of America.

For God & Country,

E.W. Jackson Sr.


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