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**Press Release**- Bishop E.W. Jackson Releases “Truth in Black & White” on YouTubeAt 11AM Accus



Contact: Vanity Jackson

Tel. 757-375-6444

August 22, 2018

Bishop E.W. Jackson Releases “Truth in Black & White” on YouTube

At 11AM Accusing Planned Parenthood of Black Genocide

Norfolk, VA. As part of an ongoing campaign to persuade black voters to stop voting for Democrats, E.W. Jackson, President of STAND - Staying True to America’s National Destiny - has released a hard hitting video against Planned Parenthood.

Watch the Viral Video Here!

There is wide racial disparity between the percentage of black abortions (37%+) versus the number of black people as a percentage of the American population (13%).

The Bishop argues, “This is in keeping with Margaret Sanger’s racist vision for America. She wanted to limit if not eliminate minorities, the poor and what she called ‘the feeble-minded.' She inspired an abortion industry which has executed Sanger’s vision with extraordinary effectiveness, killing approximately 15 million black babies before they could be born.”

Jackson says it is no coincidence that many Planned Parenthood facilities are in or near the black community. “In every other case of racially disparate treatment and outcomes, the civil rights community demands strict scrutiny. For example, why are black men disproportionately represented in prison? Why are black children over represented in special education? Why are they far more frequently suspended from school? Or prescribed Ritalin?

In every such case, even if there is no evidence of an intent to discriminate, the mere fact of disparate impact on black Americans means investigations and usually corrective action. In the case of abortion however, because it is a liberal cause celeb, there is no effort determine why so many black babies are aborted compared to every other racial or ethnic group.”

Jackson claims abortion and Planned Parenthood are extensions of the Democrat Party and urges black voters to abandon both because “they are literally destroying black lives.”


E.W Jackson is a retired attorney; founder & President of S.T.A.N.D. []; Presiding Bishop of The Called Church []; former Virginia Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor and candidate for US Senate. twitter@ewjacksonsr; facebook@ewjacksonsr

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