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Racial Communism

Socialists and communists have been confounded for nearly a century as to why Marxist ideology was never able to seize power in America. Robert Owens’ experiments in the village of New Harmony in 1825 did not catch fire, and even his own son came to reject his father’s socialist tenets.

Eugene V. Debs, a stem-winding speaker, ran for president five times as the nominee of the Socialist Workers Party of America. His best showing was in 1912 with 6% of the vote. Bernie Sanders seemed to resurrect the possibility of a socialist becoming president, but he also fell short in two attempts for the White House.

In the early 20th century, Marxists were certain that unions would be a force for socialism. They were confident that the revolution would capture the imagination of the oppressed working man. However, the ability of American workers to earn a decent living and take care of their families made socialism a hard sell. As it turned out, even after communists infiltrated major unions, they could not turn American laborers into revolutionaries.

While Marxism produced a Lenin in Russia, a Mao in China, a Mussolini in Italy, a Hitler in Germany (Hitler was a socialist whose career started with the German Workers Party), a Castro in Cuba, a Nyerere in Africa, a Chavez in Venezuela and many other adherents who followed them and inherited their socialist mantle, no socialist savior arose in America.

Yet socialism and communism never sleep. Their insidious, deceptive evil promises equality and delivers misery. They promise prosperity and deliver poverty. They promise freedom, but inflict more oppression, imprisonment, torture and mass murder than any system of government ever devised.

They have not given up on winning the prize of prizes – the United States of America. Having failed so far, they needed another strategy, and they think they have found it. I call it “racial communism.”

Class warfare is a hallmark of Marxism, but it fails in a nation of upward mobility without fixed class distinctions. So the Left has decided to substitute race for class. It is an ingenious ploy. It exploits the difficult racial history of our country to engender hatred and bitterness over the past. Any incident that can be imbued with that history incites protests, riots and demands for reparations. It promotes the false narrative that America is hopelessly racist and white supremacist. It teaches our young people to hate their own country. As in all communist revolutions, the people must be taught to hate their history to justify destroying the nation so that it can be reborn in the communist image.

STAND is the only organization in the conservative movement dedicated to bringing our citizens together across racial and cultural lines to uphold our Constitution, Judeo-Christian values and free market economy. We are not a black organization. We are an American organization, but we are dedicated to bring Americans of African descent into a coalition of unity to stand together for our beloved country. It’s working, but we need your help to do more. Your contribution today is more vital than ever. Please make the most generous donation you can.

We must expose the insidious evil of Marxism that is trying to capture the hearts of our fellow citizens. We must assert the truth that America matters, and that every American matters. However, if our country is destroyed from within by racial hatred, there will be no America for any of us. We need to unite around a common vision for the future rather than dividing over a past about which we can do nothing.

First, they attacked Confederate statues. Then they moved on to Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt and even Abraham Lincoln. In Stalinist fashion, these figures are to be removed from American history. No matter how great their contribution, they must be vilified and forgotten because they do not meet the 21st century standards of today’s “woke” movement. Once you fall out of favor with the communist regime, you must be made to disappear.

Unlike class, race can be used as a permanent tool of manipulation and control. It is difficult to foster perpetual resentment over class when people move from poverty to prosperity. However, even very wealthy black Americans have become convinced that they are tragic victims of racism.

Spike Lee recently said that everything America has was obtained by “theft, racism and genocide.” Yet he has been wildly successful in this allegedly genocidal country. Billionaires like Oprah Winfrey, BET founder Bob Johnson, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Beyoncé, Jay-Z and many other successful Americans of African descent have joined the anti-American crowd. They promote the lie that all black Americans are victims --- no matter how rich; and all white people are oppressors –no matter how poor.

This is nothing more than reiteration of Marxist class warfare. Karl Marx believed there is no such thing as a good capitalist because in his view, capitalism corrupts its practitioners. Today’s American disciples of Marx are saying there is no such thing as a good white person because they are as inherently racist as the country and capitalist system they created. Racial Communism says:

All white people must apologize; all white people must repent; all white people must bow; all white people must pay. Capitalism must be destroyed and reparations must be wrenched from the oppressors, who are all white people.

This is the sick vision we are being sold, and nearly every institution of cultural influence has bowed to it. Professional sports, the corporate world, journalism, entertainment, colleges and universities, museums, libraries and public schools are all espousing Black Lives Matter propaganda. They refuse to see what is staring them in the face. They are surrendering to a Marxist movement to destroy the very country that made their success possible.

Patrisse Cullors, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter, said recently, “We are trained Marxists.” That should have been a red flag, a violent warning that this movement is not what it appears to be. The mainstream media ignored it because they’re part of what Stalin called “useful idiots” helping to bring about their own destruction.

Americans must be told what is truly at stake. Even some conservatives are pandering to the racial hysteria. Your contribution will help us educate our fellow citizens of every background.

These elites fail to hear history warning them that the wealthy, the intellectuals and the business owners who support a communist takeover are the first to be killed. The dictatorship of the masses cannot abide people who think for themselves. Every communist takeover has involved murdering the people who at some point realize this was not what they thought they were getting. Those who become disenchanted with totalitarian control must be eliminated.

In the early 1960s, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania was the darling of international socialism. He was considered a compassionate and humble dictator. Once he was “elected” he ended all future elections and appointed leaders at every level who were answerable only to him. When he decided he wanted all the people living in villages, he incentivized their relocation by burning down their former residences. Anyone who resisted was dealt with by force, and his chief ally was Communist China. He is considered one of the milder versions of a totalitarian Marxist leader.

The Black Lives Matter movement is not about racial justice. It is about racial communism. This is Marxist collectivism based on race rather than class. The sooner the American people awaken to the danger we are in, the sooner we can put down this crisis and reassert our Constitution and fundamental liberties. It’s time to get off the path to communism. It is time to get back on the constitutional path that leads to “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

We will never stop standing up for our country, our Constitution and our Flag. God bless you for your patriotism and generosity, and may He continue to bless the United States of America.

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