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All Lives Matter

This is the most difficult letter I have ever written because my blood boils as I write. The incident I am about to relate should make us all as angry as I feel right now.

On Sunday, August 9, at about 5:30 p.m., in Wilson, North Carolina, 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant was outside playing and riding his bike with his 7 and 8 year old sisters. Next door neighbor Darius Nathaniel Sessoms, 25, walked up to this innocent child, pointed a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. Little Cannon was dead. Darius has been arrested for first-degree murder.

As it happens, Cannon was white. Darius is black.

In a normal world, the race of the victim wouldn’t matter, but the Left is doing everything in their power to make sure this is not a normal world and that America degenerates into chaos. We all know that if this cold-blooded murder were racially reversed – that a white man killed a 5-year-old black child – it would have been front page news for weeks. In this case the mainstream media has barely covered it.

They ignore it because it doesn’t fit the narrative that all black people are just poor, innocent victims of white oppression, and that all white people are beneficiaries of white privilege and practitioners of white supremacy. That narrative is so patently wrong and evil that no words of condemnation are sufficient.

So, 5-year-old Cannon was somehow an oppressor of 25-year-old Darius? Cannon, residing in a trailer park, was a beneficiary of “white privilege?” It’s absurd! These Marxist Black Lives Matter activists and their billionaire puppet masters like George Soros and Steve Phillips are traitors to our country and to the people. They are responsible for the racial strife that led to the brutal killing of this 5-year-old child. As far as I am concerned, they are complicit in Cannon’s murder.

Their silence should not surprise us. They are also mute while black children are shot to death on the streets and in their homes by vicious, lawless thugs who couldn’t care less who they kill. Those innocent black lives do not matter either. To Black Lives Matter, only the thugs killed in encounters with police matter because they can be used to justify rioting, vandalism, looting, murder and hatred of America.

This is why we have decided to launch “The All Lives Matter Movement” as a project of STAND. Your generous donation today will help us with this effort, which is urgently needed as a counter to the Black Lives Matter Marxists.

Five local media broadcasts refused to report on Cannon’s murder, but this is not the first time a brutal attack on an innocent child has been ignored by the mainstream media. Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda threw 5-year-old Landen Hoffman off the third tier of the Mall of America. Did you hear about that? You won’t from the mainstream media or if they report it all they will bury it quickly because Landon was white and his assailant was black.

Landen suffered massive head trauma, severe internal and external bleeding and multiple broken bones, but by the grace of God, he lived. He spent four and a half months in the hospital and is recovering.

Aranda is a cold blooded killer who told the police he was “looking for someone to kill, but it didn’t work out.” He expressed no remorse, even at his sentencing, but received only 19 years in prison. He should be locked up for the rest of his life.

All Lives Matter. All children matter. All citizens’ lives matter. All cops’ lives matter. The lives of unborn babies matter. What should not matter is the color of a person’s skin. As Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King said, what should matter is the content of a person’s character.

We have created “The All Lives Matter Movement” to stand up for all Americans. George Floyd’s death was tragic and his treatment was very wrong, but the mayhem and murder which has happened since then cannot be justified. Make the most generous contribution you can today to help STAND spark a movement to unify us against the Marxists who seek to divide us.

There is a long list of people, mostly black, killed in inner city violence since George Floyd’s death. Since they didn’t die at the hands of the police, there are no marches, no protests and little pressure to solve these murders. The families of these victims get no support from the politicians who represent their communities. The police are hamstrung, violence spins out of control while leftwing politicians, celebrities, sports figures and mainstream “journalists” act like the three monkeys – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. They are as guilty as the criminals for whom they provide political cover.

Four-year-old LeGend Taliferro was killed by gunfire while asleep in his Kansas City, Missouri home.

Eight-year-old Secoriea Turner was shot to death when her mother tried to navigate her car around a Black Lives Matter roadblock in Atlanta.

Seven-year-old Natalie Wallace, was shot in the forehead while playing in front of her grandmother's house in Chicago.

One of my church members just attended the funeral of her young cousin, who was gunned down outside a 7-11 store when an argument erupted between some gang members. He and a friend were killed instantly in the shootout in Norfolk.

This list could go on for pages. People are being murdered by the thousands each year - young and old, black and white, males and females. However, unless their deaths can be used as a tool of racial demagoguery, they are forgotten like trash tossed into the garbage.

Have you heard any outrage from BLM, the mainstream media or liberal politicians? You won’t because the lives of innocent children and law-abiding citizens do not matter to them. On the other hand, let some black thug lose his life tussling with the police for doing what he has no business doing, and suddenly he is a saint - memorialized and deified.

Black Lives Matter is not about saving lives. It is about destroying America. Instead of trying to unite us against the evil that is taking American lives, they want to divide us to take America down. Patrisse Cullors, one of the Black Lives Matters founders, said it all when she boasted, “We are trained Marxists.”

Well, I am a trained Marine and a committed American. I took an oath to the Constitution in 1970 and that oath has no expiration. I founded STAND to help assure that America would fulfill her destiny as a Constitutional Republic built on Judeo-Christian principles of faith, family and freedom. Under our culture and system of government, all lives matter.

The left is trying to drag our country into a cult of death. Our Founding Fathers established our nation on God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We will not turn this country over to a group whose vision is to make us like Castro’s Cuba or Mao’s China. We will fight them at the ballot box, at city hall, in every state capital and in Congress. They will never be permitted to destroy our beloved country.

Thank you for your generous contribution today on behalf of all the forgotten Americans whose lives matter just as much those who are turned into icons of the Left.

We owe a great debt of thanks to the many police officers, now vilified and slandered, and yet serving honorably through these difficult times. Many have died or been wounded protecting us. Their lives matter too.

Rest assured that we will be on the front lines of this fight for America. Thank you for supporting us. God bless you and your family, and may you all be safe. May He also continue to bless the United States of America to be even more free and prosperous when we defeat the forces of darkness.

We will not allow America to become a historical catastrophe. Our nation is and always will be a shining city on a hill.

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