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Stop Attacking The Police!

As I write this letter, the family of St. Louis Police Officer Tarmarris T. Bohannon is mourning his death. He was shot in the head on Saturday night in the line of duty. This was a young black American who dedicated himself to serving his fellow citizens. He answered the call and ultimately sacrificed his life. He leaves behind a devastated wife and three young children.

You won’t see a spun-up media amplifying the circumstances of this hero’s murder. Jacob Blake, on the other hand, had a warrant for his arrest for sexual assault. A woman called the police to ask that he be removed. He resisted arrest when the cops showed up, and allegedly reached for a weapon in the moment before he was shot to death. We need not prejudge the ultimate outcome. What we do know now is that Officer Bohannon was trying to save lives. Jacob Blake was up to no good, and he was sought by the authorities for an outstanding warrant.

Yet, Mr. Blake is lionized as an innocent victim, a virtual saint, while Tarmarris Bohannon is ignored as if his life doesn’t matter. In almost all of the recent cases of police shootings, the tragedy happens when a suspect resists instead of cooperating with police. Yet no one seems willing to say, “Stop Resisting Police!” When a suspect decides to fight and attack police, it’s not likely to end well. It’s a measure of the professionalism of our law enforcement officers that most suspects who injure or kill police are arrested and tried, not killed in streets.

What could have saved the life of Officer Bohannon? Perhaps nothing. Once someone puts on that uniform and takes an oath to wade into difficult and dangerous situations, every day could be his or her last. On the other hand, leaving aside any decision made by the officer in the Jacob Blake shooting, we know that if Mr. Blake had simply complied with the officers’ commands, he never would have been shot.

It’s time to introduce personal responsibility into this equation. Responsibility lies not only with the officer forced to make split-second decisions, but also with the suspect, who could choose to simply cooperate with law enforcement. If an officer is over-stepping his bounds, that can be adjudicated later, but if a suspect is compliant, the situation will not escalate.

This is part of the message we want to convey in “The All Lives Matter Movement.” Your contribution will help get this message out.

America’s Marxists, spurred on by their media allies, want to blame the cops, the president, white supremacy, systemic racism and any other demaguogery they can come up with. Nobody wants to say that the choices a suspect makes are important. If you’re going to start a fight with a police officer, try to wrestle away his or her gun or otherwise threaten them, there’s a very good chance you’ll be shot and probably killed. While we scrutinize every split-second decision of the cop and demand that they de-escalate, there is a corresponding responsibility on the subject’s part to cooperate.

If the Black Lives Matter Movement is truly about saving lives, why is this obvious point never even mentioned? Because that’s not what their movement is about.

I heard one sports commentator say, “We don’t agree with the Black Lives Matter organization, but we agree with the sentiment.” You cannot separate the two. The organization is controlling the narrative and the mainstream media are fully on board with their propaganda. To BLM the lives of cops don’t matter -- black, white, Asian or Hispanic; the lives of innocent children gunned down in the streets by black gang members don’t matter – black, white, Asian or Hispanic; and the lives of unborn children murdered in the womb don’t matter -- black, white, Asian or Hispanic.

The Black Lives Matter movement is one of the most disgusting displays of anti-American and anti-law enforcement lies and propaganda I have ever witnessed. Americans were united in condemning the death of George Floyd. BLM has managed to turn that unity into division because that’s what they want. They do not want Americans to unite in solving our problems. They want us divided so they can bring down America. They are American Bolsheviks – communists in all but name. This is why we need The All Lives Matter Movement -- to unite Americans to save lives and save our country. We must fight against those who want not only lives destroyed, but America destroyed.

We want America to be a shining city on a hill. They want America to be a pile of rubble. We cannot let them win. Please donate today.

Thank you for your generous support. May God bless you and your family, and may He continue to bless the United States of America.

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