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One Nation Under God or A Nation Divided Under Socialism

Barack Obama squandered an opportunity to unify our country across racial and cultural lines. Instead he divided us and accentuated race at every turn. He complained that criticisms of him were racist.

Before knowing any facts, he said that the police in Cambridge, Massachusetts acted “stupidly,” implying they were racially motivated when they arrested Henry Louis Gates who was trying to break into his own home. Of course the police had been called to the scene and did not know that the home belonged to Gates. Obama did not take the time to find out what actually happened. He just fanned the flames of racial division.

He behaved the same way when Michael Brown lost his life while attacking a police officer in Ferguson. He immediately made statements implying police wrong-doing, and contributed to nationwide riots which erupted after the false narrative was reported that Mr. Brown had put his “hands up” and said, “don’t shoot.” That never happened, but it is a rallying cry to this day, even though it was a total lie.

Here we are four years after the Obama presidency ended and history is repeating itself, only with greater intensity and more falsehood.

Just as Michael Brown was turned into an icon, the same thing is happening for every criminal who dies in a confrontation with police. Jacob Blake is the latest beneficiary of this deification. There was a warrant out for his arrest for sexual assault, and police showed up because they were called by a woman seeking protection from him. When they arrived, he resisted arrest. Suddenly he is a saint?

I am not prejudging the outcome and what the proper protocol was for an officer in the Kenosha police department, but to me it was a split second life or death decision. No one dares say it in this environment, but it must be said that if Jacob Blake had not resisted arrest, he would not have been shot.

The fact is that only 1/1000th of the black people arrested annually (about 2.6 million) lose their lives in that interaction. About 500 white Americans, twice as many as blacks, die each year in similar situations. The mainstream media would have you believe that there is an epidemic of police killing black people. It is a lie, plain and simple.

Help us get the truth out through “The All Lives Matter Movement.” Over the next two months we will be promoting videos and social media ads which call America’s attention to the effort of the Left to promote a false narrative that America is nation of racial oppression. Your donation will help us expose this propaganda.

Marxism, socialism and communism always use the same formula to destroy freedom. They foment extreme disenchantment and disillusionment among citizens that can only be addressed with revolutionary change. They use lies and violence to bring a society to a point of such crisis that it must either collapse or undergo dramatic alteration. This is the Saul Alinsky strategy - overwhelm the system.

Traditional class warfare does not work in America because we are not class conscious. We are a meritocracy. We honor achievement not status, class or race. In our country, people born poor become rich every day. Class is meaningless. On the other hand, race has been such a volatile and emotional issue that it is easy to exploit.

Even wealthy black citizens can perceive themselves as victims. Barack and Michelle Obama did it while he was President and they still present themselves as victims of America’s “racist” society. They ignore the fact that this “racist” society elected a black guy named Barack Obama twice. The whole idea of America being racist should have gone out the window with his election. Unfortunately, his vision for America was not a color blind society, but a color obsessed one. He sowed the wind, and we are reaping the world wind.

At some point we must turn the corner and look to the future of our country instead of using the past to beat Americans over the head. This is a sickness that has became pervasive. Even in the Trump administration, government and military agencies have been doing training sessions teaching “critical race theory” which is nothing but Marxist indoctrination. Communists use this kind of training to brainwash people. They have “struggle sessions” to get people to admit their capitalist and bourgeoisie attitudes.

Critical race theory sessions force “white” people to admit their “white supremacy” attitudes and “white privilege” benefits and express guilt for their “whiteness.” This is cultural poison, societal suicide. It is an attempt to punish people for the alleged sins of their ancestors in the same way communists punished people because their families were business owners or Christians. In one sense, this is worse than what communists have traditionally done. Critical race theory condemns people for something over which they have no choice or control - their genetic and ethnic background.

Just this week, President Trump banned all such training in federal agencies. He is also likely to withhold federal assistance from colleges and universities which inculcate students with racial division and anti-American hatred. God bless him for his courageous opposition to this evil.

It adds insult to injury that tax payers foot the bill to put our fellow citizens through this mental and emotional torture. The so called experts are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to humiliate and divide our people. We must expose this scandal far and wide and make sure that Americans are sufficiently informed of the stark choices before them when they go to the polls in November. They must vote their patriotism, their Christian values and their vision for the future of our country.

Your donation today is urgently needed to make sure The All Lives Matter Movement reaches the entire country.

We will not allow America to become a nation of perpetual racial conflict. That is what the devil wants. That is what the Left wants, but that is not what our Founding Fathers wanted and that is not what we want. We want to be “one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all,” and that is what we are going to be.

Thank you for your patriotism and generosity. God bless you and your family, and may He bless the citizens of our country to see clearly what is happening and have the courage to defeat the forces of darkness.

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