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I don’t expect to wake up one morning to find the Constitution suspended and a socialist state declared. However, I do not want to one day look back and say, “2020 was the year we lost America.”

November 3 could be the most significant election in American history.

We have been hearing something similar for a while now. That is because the stakes keep getting higher, the danger greater and the tipping point in the transformation of America from free constitutional republic to totalitarian state seems closer than it has ever been in our 244 year history.

The Left’s dream is our nightmare:

They would use the Communist Chinese Wuhan Virus (COVID-19) as an excuse to close down the economy and lock down the American people.

It is not enough that we are all “created equal.” They want to engineer a government imposed artificial equality that will require a police state to implement.

They want to subvert the Judeo-Christian principles of hard work and personal responsibility with guaranteed income and forced national wealth redistribution. In other words, they want to steal from those who work to give to those who won’t.

They want us to obey our elite masters. After all, they know best, right? In return for the loss of our freedom, we will be granted false security, mediocre government healthcare, and rescue from the apocalyptic climate change that, according to them, will destroy the planet in 10 years.

Our country is in a historic confrontation between two diametrically opposed world-views. One believes in individual liberty with accountability to God. The other believes in collective conformity with accountability to government as god. This is a spiritual battle between light and darkness, good and evil. This is a battle for the future of this nation.

As I write this letter on Columbus Day, I am hearing reports denigrating Christopher Columbus and replacing the holiday in his honor with “Indigenous People’s Day.” I respect Native Americans, but a holiday is named after a person for his or her achievements. It is a fundamental departure from the meritocratic ideals of our country to embrace identity politics in which we celebrate people simply because they exist or even worse, because they are not white.

We must fight against the demagogic propaganda that all white people are racist, and that all “people of color” are their victims. When millionaires and billionaires like LeBron James, Oprah Winfrey and Spike Lee claim victim status, this is cult-like thinking that denies reality. This is Marxist ideology poisoning the minds of susceptible Americans, even the rich.

Instead of coming together in shared gratitude for the "blessings of liberty," the Left is trying to convince us that America is a cursed land of injustice and exploitation.

We at STAND are combatting the lies and exposing the evil. We need your most generous contribution today, especially with so little time left before an historic election.

Also, as I write this letter I am on my way to the Supreme Court to rally in behalf of and pray for Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Those opposing her cannot deny that she is a brilliant jurist. They cannot deny her compassion as a mother with seven children, two of whom were adopted from the impoverished and chaotic island of Haiti. What they hate about her is her Christian faith. The “dogma lives loudly” within her, Diane Feinstein accused.

They launched the same attacks on Russell Vought during his nomination hearings for Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Senators Bernie Sanders and Dick Durban said that there was no place in America for people who believe that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation. They have a problem because there are over 200 million Americans who identify as Christians. Sadly, there are people who hold high office in our country who despise the First Amendment because it protects Christians whose faith opposes their progressive agenda.

This battle is being fought in the halls of Congress, in the Supreme Court and even in the streets of our cities across the country. What is at stake for America? EVERYTHING!

Will we have vision or division? Will we be governed by the Constitution or tyrannized by the whims of power hungry politicians? Will we have a dynamic economy of free enterprise or a planned economy of socialist stagnation? Will our police officers be able to keep our communities safe or be attacked by criminals and abandoned by city leaders? Will our Flag fly high or be trampled under foot?

As Ronald Reagan said decades ago, “This is a time for choosing.”

Thank you for choosing the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian values which undergird it. We are grateful for your support, and we will keep fighting to uphold those ideals.

God bless you and your family, and may He bless us to emerge from this time of crisis stronger and better than ever, that shining city on hill whose light will never be extinguished because we believe in God, in our country and in one another.

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