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Liberals Lie! People Die!

The very title of the worldwide movement - Black Lives Matter - is a lie!

Retired St.Louis Police Captain David Dorn was killed trying to defend a store against looting. There has been no uprising over that. He was black, but his life doesn’t matter to BLM.

Florida Wildlife Conservation Officer Julian Keen Jr., was shot to death while responding off duty to a hit and run accident. He was black, but his life doesn't matter to BLM.

At last report 18 people have been killed since the George Floyd unrest began, most of them are black. Their lives do not matter to BLM. The mainstream media has stopped reporting on those deaths because the narrative they are pushing is “Cops bad - protestors good.”

This whole movement is born of lies and evil. It is now out in the open as an attempt to destroy our way of life and create a totalitarian system in which Marxism rules.

These de facto communists will decide who can speak freely. They can. We can’t!

They will either shout you down or beat you down. One brave black patriot showed up in the Seattle “Autonomous Zone” waving the American Flag. He was followed by a group calling him a “race traitor b**tch!" He was told to “go home.” He was physically assaulted by a large mob and told “get that flag out of here!”

Not only do they hate freedom of speech, but they hate our country. That’s the “fundamental transformation” the left has in mind for America is to bring the country down.

They will decide who has the right to bear arms. They can. We can’t!

The Autonomous Zone is guarded by armed leftwing thugs. These are the same people who tell us that Americans should not be able to keep and bear arms. They also want to dismantle police departments. It is clear what this movement is all about - raw power to tyrannize anyone who does not bow to their agenda.

Rayshard Brooks would be alive today if it were not for the lies of the Left. His encounter with the police started out as a routine driving-under-the-influence (“DUI”) arrest. It happens every day all over the country to people of every race, usually without incident.

Things were proceeding calmly with Mr. Brooks. However, as the officers were putting him in handcuffs, he resisted, wrestled and punched at least one officer. He then managed to take a taser from one of the cops, took off running and turned around to shoot the officer with the taser. The officer responded by shooting him. Instead of being arrested and released the next day, he is dead.

If we really want to save black lives, how about advising citizens of all races to cooperate with the police rather than resisting or fighting them? I am, not talking here about the specious nonsense which spews from the mouths of Marxists - if you are black, take extra precautions or you might end up dead. That is precisely the kind of propaganda that will get black men killed because they are told that police are the enemy out to murder them.

I am black. I have been stopped many times on the road for speeding and other traffic violations. I have never been mistreated by a police officer. Some have given me a warning, others have given me a ticket, but every single one of them has treated me with professionalism and respect. My only concern when I am stopped is whether I will get a traffic ticket and how it might affect my driving record and insurance cost.

I have spoken to other black men who have had no trouble with police officers. However, there is a constant drum beat by liberals that cops are out to get black men, hurt black men, kill black men. They are indoctrinating black men to believe that an encounter with a police officer is a life or death struggle - that as a matter of self-preservation, you may have to kill or be killed. This is foolish and deadly counsel.

Angela Rye, CNN Commentator and former Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus, said recently of Rayshard Brooks, “He realized that his life was at risk. That is why he took that taser. Because every time we don’t fight back we die.”

This is dangerous anti-police demagoguery. The truth is that fighting the police exponentially increases the likelihood of serious injury or death.

Liberals lie. People die!

The reality is that very few black men die at the hands of the police compared to the approximate 3.5 million arrests of black suspects each year. About 8 million whites are arrested. Data shows that cops are 24.2% less likely to shoot a black suspect than a white one. A cop is more likely to be killed by a black man than a black man is to be killed by a cop.

Even in shootouts with police, most criminals are taken in alive. If you listen to the fake news and Black Lives Matter, you would think that every minute of every day cops are killing black men all over America.

Liberals lie. People die!

Last year, nine unarmed black people died in confrontations with the police. Not 900. Nine! That is out of a total of 56 unarmed suspects dying in police interactions. On the other hand 48 police officers died in felonious assaults, meaning they were intentionally killed.

Two hundred and twenty black people were killed in armed conflicts with police. That is a total of 229 out 1004 people killed in confrontations with police in 2019. Who were the other 771 people killed? It doesn’t matter because they were not black. Indeed most were white and of course, in today’s “woke” climate, their lives definitely do not matter.

On average over the last five years, twice as many whites are killed annually by police as blacks: 250 blacks to 495 whites. A few of these cases are the result of excessive force, but most of them result from police defending themselves and others from deadly force. Cops are commissioned to subdue some very bad people who will kill in a heartbeat. Sometimes those bad people are killed before they can kill someone else. That is a just outcome.

STAND is going to uphold the truth whether Black Lives Matter, the mainstream media, Southern Poverty Law Center and the whole host of Godless, America-hating kooks don’t like it. Jesus said, “you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

While the Left tries to tear the country apart, STAND is working every day to bring Americans together across racial and cultural lines. While the socialists and communists who have infiltrated our country reject God, we are fighting for the vision of “one nation under God.”

Your generous donation will help us spread the word through our social media and grassroots networks. I remain convinced that most Americans want the truth because there is no future for their children and grandchildren in the lies of the Left.

All lives matter! All Americans matter! And yes, Blue Lives Matter! Are we going to be one nation? Or our we going to allow ourselves to be balkanized into virtual civil war with one another? We know what the Left wants. They want to deconstruct the country through division, chaos and violence.

I know which version of America you want to pass on to your posterity, and that is why I am asking you to help us. We are fighting to preserve our Constitutional Republic, Judeo-Christian values and individual liberty.

Thank you for being a patriot committed to the truth. We’re going to keep proclaiming it. God bless you and may He continue to bless our beloved country - the United States of America.

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