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Genocide: Planned Parenthood & Black Lives Matter

I am convinced that the deaths of children in the inner city across this country is the harvest of the seeds sown by Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry which have spread an utter disregard for human life.

Its founder, Margaret Sanger, was an avowed racist and eugenicist. The abortion industry which she pioneered is responsible for killing over one million babies a year, 360,000 of which are the children of black women. The euphemistic and deceptive name “Planned Parenthood” is nothing but camouflage for planned genocide. Margaret Sanger’s heritage is a legacy of mass death that has infected our country in general and the black community in particular.

It is a tactic of the left to adopt a high sounding name which suggests a lofty moral imperative. Black Lives Matter has followed the same tactic. Since BLM exploded last year after the death of George Floyd, they’ve raised $90 million. With that kind of money, they could be saving “black lives.” In fact, more black citizens are being murdered in black on black crime. Many of the victims are innocent children.

Ny Dyer was shot while sitting in the backseat of her mother's SUV at a gas station in Chicago.

Zamar Jones had been sitting on his porch steps, next to his toy race car in Philadelphia when a bullet struck him in the head.

Nyaira Givens died when her throat was slashed by another 13-year-old in Cincinnati's Winton Hills neighborhood.

Elijah LaFrance was killed when he was hit by gunfire at a Miami-Dade birthday party.

While BLM calls for defunding, dismantling and abolishing the police, the victims of the violence and lawlessness are precisely the people whose lives they say “matter.” In reality, the lives of innocent women and children do not matter to "Black Lives Matter" any more than “parenthood” matters to Planned Parenthood. These organizations have one mission - to advance the power of the Left. It is time to expose their lies and propaganda and set minorities free from their indoctrination and demagoguery.

The Left falsely accuses America of being a “white supremacist” country. They falsely accuse the police of hunting down black men. However, one of their wealthiest and most prominent organizations - Planned Parenthood - is responsible for killing more black lives every year than the KKK has since that evil organization came into existence.

Black Lives Matter, far from saving black lives, has gotten more black citizens killed by causing a spike in violent crime in the inner city. When you attack and demoralize the police, you are giving carte blanche to criminals, and the criminals are taking full advantage. Black lives are being taken by black criminals while Black Lives Matter is mute.

Because of the support of our generous donors, the Awakening Hearts & Minds Project is making steady progress. Your donation today will help us to move more quickly and effectively to expose the lies, promulgate the truth and save the lives of innocent children.

Setting minorities free from captivity to leftist propaganda is also essential to saving our country.


In just the last 24 hours while I have been preparing this letter, four police officers were murdered - two in Texas and two in California.

As a result of the racial rhetoric, police are more vulnerable than ever. In fact we are witnessing a new phenomenon of police being ambushed. Officers are called to a scene for a purported emergency, but the real purpose is to kill police officers when they arrive.

All lives matter, including the lives of police officers, unborn children and innocent children caught in the crossfire of gang warfare. Their lives do not matter to Planned Parenthood and Black Lives Matter. They could care less about women, black people, children, police officers or anyone else. They care only about themselves, their evil ideological agenda and the power to impose it on others.

The entire cabal of leftist radicals must be exposed for the Marxists they are. STAND is working to do just that! This is a long-term project, but the longer we stay at it, the more fruit it will bear.That’s why I’m asking you to consider signing up as a Patriot Partner with a monthly recurring donation.

Our goal is 500 Patriot Partners by the end of this year who give at least $5 a month to help us continue our work for the long haul. We are approaching 250 Patriot Partners, almost at the half-way mark. Help us reach our goal by signing up for a monthly recurring donation today.


Thank you for standing with us. We are determined to STAND (“Staying True to America’s National Destiny”) until we fulfill the vision of “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Thank you again, and may God continue to bless you, your family, and our great country!

For God and Country,

Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr.

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