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All last year we heard the lie that police were racists out to kill black people. Black Lives Matter has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize after inspiring 570 riots in 220 locations around the country. At least 30 people lost their lives in the mayhem. Violent crimes spiked in 2020 during calls to defund and dismantle the police.

While police stations were attacked, stores looted, officers injured and killed, Stacey Abrams, who is leading the Left’s voter registration movement said, “police brutality against black lives persists.” She encouraged the anarchy to continue, saying “protest in the streets.” She refused to acknowledge the street violence against innocent people, some of them children.

Yet Stacey Abrams is tasked by George Soros and other Marxist billionaires to recruit “people of color” into a “New American Majority.”

We have seen the dystopian vision they have in mind for our country: censorship of conservatives and anyone who doesn’t echo the prescribed politically correct nonsense; hollowing out the 2nd Amendment to the point of nonexistence; engineering economic and social outcomes with a Soviet style centrally planned economy. Of course none of the hardship will fall on the Leftist elites who preside over this Marxist vision.

We must not surrender millions of minority voters to George Soros and his puppet Stacey Abrams. We’re launching the “Winning Hearts and Minds” campaign to reach these voters now. Please make the most generous donation you can.


This is the season when there are no political campaigns and no candidates to fight over. Now is the time to get the truth out about the grand deception the Left is perpetrating against these communities with lies about America as a racist, white supremacist country.

I looked at the numbers on police interactions with black suspects last year. Law enforcement officers were involved in the deaths of 226 black people. However, 432 white suspects were killed. That won’t make the news.

According to the Justice Department, 51% of murders last year were committed by black perpetrators. It is no mystery why there are so many more negative interactions with police in predominantly black communities.

The problem is not racist police but arrogant Leftists. Their policies have destroyed black families over the last sixty years, Iocked black children in poorly performing schools and ignored the violence which takes an average of 7500 black lives every year. This means that every year twice as many black people are murdered in black on black crime in America as died in combat in all 8 years of the Iraq War. Black Lives Matter could care less. They only care about the single police incident they can use to advance their Marxist agenda.

We cannot leave black, Hispanic and other minority voters under the sway of George Soros and Stacey Abrams. We need free enterprise in these poor communities. Soros only knows how to cheat markets, not grow them. Stacey Abrams has made clear that she hates capitalism:

“I am sick and tired of hearing about the free market being the solution. I’ve never seen the free market write a prescription in rural Georgia… I’ve never seen the free market replace that stint in your heart.”

Her economic illiteracy is staggering. She either is too ignorant to know or refuses to accept that free enterprise has produced the products that have raised our standard of living, made us healthier and extended our lives. We are going to take teams of ministers and activists into battleground states to educate and organize in these communities. Please make the most generous donations you can today.


I ask you to see what I see. If these growing numbers of minorities voters are indoctrinated into a socialist worldview, our country will be lost. We must awaken them. This is not a short term fight. That is why I hope you will consider becoming a Patriot Partner with a recurring monthly donation. We have 100 Patriot Partners now. Our goal is to have 200 by the end of this year. Please consider becoming one of them.

When even small percentages of minority voters begin to think and vote based on truth rather than the lies and deception of the Left, there are immediate benefits. The Georgia general election was won with only 11,779 votes, even assuming that cheating went on. That’s 1/5th of 1% of the 5 million votes cast. Think about that.

Andrew Breitbart famously said, “Politics is downstream from culture.” He was absolutely right. If you want to see results in politics, we must tackle the cultural deception that is impacting how people vote. If we want people to vote their Christian values, we cannot wait until there is a political campaign. Then it becomes about personalities. This effort must be ongoing and about principle.

I know we have just finished a brutal election, but we cannot surrender the future of our country to the likes of Soros and Abrams. Thank you for all you do, and for your support of our efforts. We are making a difference, and we will keep you posted on our progress.

God bless you and your family and may He bless us to defeat the Marxist enemies of our Constitutional Republic so that we that do indeed “keep it.”

For God & Country,

Bishop E.W. Jackson


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