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God or Marxism? Unity or Division?

Americans are now thinking the unthinkable and asking the unimaginable. Are we headed for Civil War? Is the Left trying to incite violent racial conflict?

Karl Marx believed that class warfare, resulting from extreme deprivation of the working class would inevitably cause workers to unite against the bourgeoise and create the dictatorship of the proletariat.

America’s free enterprise system proved that Marx’s prediction was not inevitable. Upward mobility is a hallmark of our economy. Many, like me, start out poor, but climb out of poverty to become middle class, affluent and even wealthy.

Marxism needed a different strategy in our country. Because of our history, racial grievance is a much better tool for emotional manipulation than “class struggle.” It is no coincidence that two of the founders of Black Lives Matter are “trained Marxists.” They use racial demagoguery, identity politics and anti-American propaganda to destabilize our country and divide our people.

The only way to defeat the Left is to be united across racial and cultural lines to uphold our Judeo-Christian values and culture. We must expose the Marxist lies and the racial manipulations. That’s why we established Awakening Hearts & Minds, a project of STAND.

This unique campaign is designed to reverse the trend of racial division in America and restore the values that made our country great.

We have assembled a group of leaders to advance unity, hope and opportunity instead of the despair fostered by the Left. We’re bringing together Americans of all backgrounds to secure the future of our country as a shining city on a hill.

We can and must free people from the victim mentality promoted by the Left. Your generous donation today will help us in this very important effort.


The Left has made the cold calculation that dividing America by race is the most efficient strategy for staying in power and achieving the goal of fundamental transformation into a socialist nation.

That is why the New York Times created the 1619 Project, a damnable, contemptible lie about America’s founding, designed to turn our children against their own country. They’re told America is evil, even while millions of people around the world dream of coming to our shores.

In 2020, the death of George Floyd was the spark the Left needed to ignite the fires of destruction in 500 cities across our nation.

Deadly riots engulfed the country, cheered on by media figures, sports stars, entertainers and leftist politicians.

On April 21, Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin was convicted on all three charges for George Floyd’s death, including second-degree murder. That was not enough because justice is not the goal; destruction is.

Radical Boston University professor Ibram X. Kendi, who promotes critical race theory, downplayed the Chauvin verdict, saying, “Justice has convicted America. Now, we must put in the time transforming this nation.”

Within hours of the Chauvin verdict, a police officer killed a black teen, Ma’Khia Bryant, in Columbus, Ohio. Ma’Khia was about to stab a girl when an officer shot her, saving the other girl’s life.

Immediately, the media proclaimed it yet another senseless, unwarranted police shooting of a black person. They showed little regard for the black girl who was about to be murdered.

The White House statement said, “We know that police violence disproportionately impacts Black and Latino people and communities...and black women and girls...” They made no mention of the knife.

Likewise, the Washington Post ran a front-page story, “Fatal shooting of Ohio teen sparks new outcry.” The knife was not mentioned until deep into the story on a run-over page, leaving a casual reader to conclude that a police officer had shot a black teen girl for no reason. This is propaganda worthy of a totalitarian regime.

Meanwhile, the media are uninterested in the horrific spike in black-on-black rapes, assaults and murders. There was virtually no coverage of the horrific murder of seven-year-old Jaslyn Adams, a black girl who was riddled with bullets while sitting in her father’s car at a McDonald’s in Chicago.

In Chicago alone on a recent weekend, 24 people were shot, with three killed. In New York City, 15 people were shot and a dozen more in Baltimore. None of the shooters was a police officer. Nearly all the victims were black people shot by black criminals.

Awakening Hearts & Minds is determined to end this scourge. The good news is that even with all the Left’s poison, surveys indicate that Americans of all races and ethnicities support the police and are awakening to the trick of using race as a tool of political manipulation.

STAND is the only conservative organization in America that is providing a counter narrative. The Awakening Hearts & Minds Project is our heartbeat. We are shining a bright light on the moral bankruptcy and racist hypocrisy of the Left. Leftwing radicals such as BLM, Antifa and Georgia activist Stacey Abrams, have George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and others to finance their evil agenda.

We would rather have you - patriots who love our country. Your help advances our mission, person by person, donation by donation - large or small. Please make the most generous donation you can today.


We cannot allow the Left to pump lies into minority communities without challenge. Ignoring the violent carnage in the inner cities keeps people living in horrid conditions. Leftists blame racism, but it is their policies that are robbing minorities of the opportunities our country affords every citizen, regardless of color.

The Left has blinded too many Americans to the beauty and nobility of our nation. Some minorities fail to make the most of its opportunities because they embrace the lie that systemic racism will not allow them. It hasn’t stopped me, my wife, my children and millions of other black and Hispanic citizens.

Those who develop their gifts and talents, work hard, pursue life with optimism and take responsibility for their own lives, will not live in poverty. They will take care of themselves, their families and make a contribution to the world at large.

That is the hope of America - this shining city on a hill. That hope is a reality because millions have lived it, and I am one of them. Help me to get this message to those who are taught to be defeated before they even start.

God bless you and your family, and may He continue to bless the United States of America.

For God & Country,

Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr.

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