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I was born into poverty, a broken home and raised in foster care until the age of ten years old. Yet, here I am - Marine Corps Veteran, Harvard trained lawyer and a proud American. I love my country.

I cannot find words adequate to express the utter disgust I feel about the lies being spewed against this nation.

Thousands of black people will die this year in inner city violence at the hands of young black men who have no regard for life. Many of those murdered are innocent children. The youngest child to be killed in the street violence crossfire was three months old in Richmond.

Yet we are to believe the lie that the greatest threat to black life is the police, white supremacy and systemic racism. It is true that too many black people are victims, but they are not victims of racism or America. They are victims of black criminals who have been given carte blanche to steal and murder with impunity. Prosecutors won’t arrest and charge these killers. When they do arrest them, they are released without bail, or charges are dropped.

The rioters and looters who were jailed during the racial violence of 2020 were bailed out by Kamala Harris and her lawless comrades.

Black Americans are victims of the Marxist ideology which justifies murderers and leaves law abiding citizens defenseless The Democrat Mayors and city councilors, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the whole host of socialists and radicals do nothing to solve the problem and everything to perpetuate it.

Help me to get this message to these communities so they know that their real enemies are the people claiming to be their friends, the ones who are constantly pointing the finger at racism. Your donation will help us run ads and host events in these communities to get the truth out.


A six year old child was murdered in Washington, DC by a criminal who shot into the crowd, wounding several others. The suspect has not been found. There have been 132 children murdered in street violence since January 2020. The number grows week by week. These killings do not make national news because they do not fit the false narrative that the greatest danger to black Americans is the police.

As a black American, I know that the police are the only line of defense standing between law abiding citizens and the thugs who terrorize their communities. I am blessed to be a born U.S. citizen. I have lived and worked in this country a very long time. I have never been mistreated by a police officer. NEVER! Like most of you I have been stopped for traffic violations, but the officers have always been professional and courteous and sometimes have given me a break I really didn’t deserve.

These officers have to deal with the possibility that they could be killed on a traffic stop. They put their lives on the line every day. It is particularly dangerous for them in inner city neighborhoods. Yet they continue to put themselves at risk. Each day could be the day that instead of an officer going home to his family, his body is taken to the morgue. What do they get for it? The lies, slander and vilification of Black Lives Matter.

Police officers save the lives of children and law abiding citizens who live, work and play in the most dangerous communities of our country. As a result of defunding, budget cuts and calls for their heads, police are demoralized and criminals are emboldened. This has nothing to do with racial justice. This is Marxist propaganda poisoning our culture and getting people killed.

Jesus said when you know the truth, the truth will make you free. The truth is that the breakdown of the family, failing schools, racial indoctrination and hateful rhetoric against the police are creating anarchy in poor communities. However, it is now spreading to downtown areas and suburbs. What the Marxists want is the destruction of free enterprise and the collapse of law enforcement. Those who will suffer first and most are the black communities they claim to be helping.

Black Lives Matter is one of the worst things that ever happened to the black community and to America. Look at the fruit - riots, looting and destruction of property, an epidemic of crime and more racial division than at any time since the 1960’s.

I am asking for your help in responding to the lies and racist propaganda of the Left. Please make the best contribution you can today.


Jeff Bezos plans to give $100 million to Van Jones to distribute to the charities of his choice. Van Jones was kicked out of the Obama administration because it was discovered that he was a communist. He never renounced communism by the way, so for all we know, he is still a communist.

STAND has something better then Bezos - you and all the grassroots Patriots across our nation. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Please consider signing up as a Patriot Partner with a monthly recurring contribution. We’re in it for the long haul and we hope you’ll stay with us. We didn’t get to this crisis over night, and it won’t solved in one day. But we will solve it, and with your help, we will win.

God bless you, your family and may He continue to bless the United States of America.

For God & Country,

Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr.

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