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No National Anthem? What next?

I am sure you have read and heard about the recent controversy over Mark Cuban’s decision to not play the National Anthem before Dallas Maverick games. Of course, he later claimed he had not made a “final” decision, and now the NBA Commissioner has reaffirmed that all teams shall play the Anthem before games.

As is their default position, the Left has turned this into another racial issue. Cuban later said in an interview:

“Listening to the community, there were quite a few people who voiced their concerns or really their fears that the National Anthem did not fully represent them or that their voices were not being heard...”

He doesn’t name who these people are, but they are “quite a few.” They voice their “concerns” that The Star Spangle Banner does not “fully represent them.” Once again the Left is exploiting racial politics for their divisive agenda. The National Anthem is itself racist they tell us, pointing to an obscure line in Francis Scott Key’s third stanza:

“No refuge could save the hireling and slave

From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave”

No one knows with certainty what the author was saying 207 years ago. What we do know is that the song is not about slavery or race. It was about the fact that the Flag had miraculously endured the British bombardment of Fort McHenry. For him it was a kind of divine assurance that the nation would survive and emerge standing tall and strong. To turn that glorious moment into something evil is the height of intellectual dishonesty and ideological stupidity. Yet here we are with an owner of a National Basketball Team siding with the denigration of our Flag and Anthem.

The Left reduces America to a nation of racists on one hand and victims on the other. STAND is committed to correcting the false narrative.

We are launching the “Winning Hearts and Minds Project” to do that. Your generous contribution will help us hold meetings (in-person and virtual) and advertise on radio, social media and billboards.


We are starting in Virginia and spreading into nine other states with significant minority populations - Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Arizona. We cannot allow the brainwashing of our citizens and denigration of our country to continue unchallenged.

This problem is not merely political, although it has clear political consequences. It is at root cultural and spiritual. Stacey Abrams is emblematic of the problem. She has become a prominent political figure because of the backing she receives from George Soros and his comrades. She argues that America is inherently racist.

“Our justice system doesn’t humanize many blacks who are killed, particularly by those who are sworn to protect them. The extrajudicial killings...cannot be divorced from disproportionate effect of deaths of blacks based on COVID-19...”

According to Abrams and her socialist comrades, everything in America is racist, including health services for COVID-19. Therefore the Flag is marginalized as a symbol of “white supremacy” and “extreme right wing” politics. Colin Kaepernick said he would not “show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color.”

According to a popular left wing magazine, “The American flag...has come to represent racism and oppression to some and right-wing patriotism to others...”

The Left in America has been denigrating the Flag for decades. Conservatives have a genuine heartfelt respect for Old Glory that leftists simply do not feel.

We all agree that America is not perfect. No nation ever has been. Nevertheless, our country represents the best governmental system mankind has ever witnessed. This nation was birthed during the barbaric era of history when conquest, slavery and subjugation were the norm, not the exception.

Slavery was a reality, but America was not built on slavery. During the era of slavery, most Americans never owned a slave. Our country was built on the hard work and ingenuity of the American people from all races. Slavery in some ways retarded the economic growth and development of the south. Slave labor made innovation less important.

This is one of the reasons the northern economy diversified and grew while the southern economy remained agrarian and one dimensional. West Virginians broke away from Virginia because slavery offered the average white worker no economic opportunity. There was always opposition to the slave system for moral and practical reasons. Those irreconcilable differences plunged us into the Civil War.

The Left also likes to claim settlers stole Native American land, but it takes quite an imagination to apply the concept of “ownership” to wild, untamed and uncivilized territory. In the entire history of mankind until the modern era, land was held by those who had the power to defend their claim against all comers. It may not satisfy 21st century sensibilities, but that was the way the world was.

Every national boundary around the world was created by conflict and conquest. The land mass of most countries is a settled matter today, but it was not so as recently as 100 years ago.

Smearing America as a nation built on exploitation is not only inaccurate and unfair, but it ignores the contribution we have made to the betterment of the entire world. We have raised the standard of living for average people beyond anything known before our country’s existence. In so doing, we have inspired expectations, hope and the thirst for freedom in people across the globe. We have invented more products to improve the quality of life than any other nation, and we still lead the way in patents and inventions.

America was instrumental in the defeat of Adolph Hitler.

America has been the single greatest force against the spread of communism.

America has been and remains the most generous nation the world has ever seen, both through foreign aid and personal charity.

America has done more to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ than any other country in the 2000 years since Christ walked the earth.

Most Americans, particularly black Christians, know only the narrative of slavery, Jim Crow segregation and discrimination. There is much more to be told, and we are going to tell them and other minorities who are victimized by the same cult indoctrination. Help us with the most generous donation you can give.


These days I am asked often about the future of our country. Are we facing the judgment of God? Economic collapse? Another civil war? My answer is, none of the above. I believe we are about to experience the greatest renaissance in our 245 year history. I believe the Left will overreach and awaken the sleeping giant of people who are grateful to call ourselves Americans, proud of our Flag, respectful of our National Anthem and covetous of the freedom God has given us. We will never surrender our beloved country to closet Marxists who are hell bent on transforming us into a socialist nation governed by the principle of divide, conquer and confiscate what others have.

Thank you for staying in the fight and helping us in our mission. God bless you and your family, and may He bless our country to remain the land of the free and the home of the brave.

For God & Country,

Bishop E.W. Jackson


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