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Racial Obsession Syndrome – When EVERYTHING is Racist

Recently, I coined the term Racial Obsession Syndrome (ROS) to describe how the Left is so obsessed with race and skin color that it smacks of mental illness. A compulsive disorder, ROS makes people delusional, paranoid and to see all “white” people as racists and everything as a racial issue.

What I meant to be humorous and sarcastic is looking more like tragic reality.

Consider these bizarre assertions by leftists:

Math is “white supremacy.”

English literature is “white supremacy.”

The Filibuster Rule of the United States Senate is “white supremacy.”

Calling the border crisis a “surge” is “white supremacy”, according to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Demanding that public schools re-open is “white supremacy.”

Opposing D.C. statehood is “white supremacy.”

Georgia’s reform of their election system to prevent fraud and cheating is “white supremacy.” (Stacey Abrams calls it “Jim Crow in a suit and tie.”)

They have even claimed that America itself is a nation of “white supremacy”

When fellow Americans -- the freest people on earth -- liken our country to the Nazi regime, you know they’ve gone off the mental and emotional deep end.

When the Commissioner of Major League Baseball pulls the 2021 All Star game from Atlanta, you know that the delusion has infected institutions and people we would never expect.

As a proud American of African ancestry and a descendant of slaves, I know that America is the greatest nation on earth. It is the best place to build a life, get an education, raise a family, earn a living, create a business and fulfill our God-given abilities.

The Left’s false narrative of America as a “white supremacist” country is psychotic. The Left is drunk with it, and they would like to drive all of us over the cliff with them. That is why we can never allow them to be in the driver’s seat permanently.

STAND’s “Awakening Hearts & Minds Project” is the antidote to this social and political poison. Your generous contribution today will help us promote the truth.


Coca Cola recently did a staff training in which employees were asked to “diminish their whiteness.” The whole point of the Civil Rights Movement was to end the practice of judging people based on the color of their skin. Now, we are being told that skin color is everything. If you are of European ancestry (“white”), you owe the world an apology and you should be ashamed. (Since when should people be ashamed of how God made them, the ancestry He gave them and the complexion of their skin?)

On the other hand, if you are of African or Hispanic ancestry (“black or brown”) the world owes you an apology along with reparations and special treatment.

This thinking is a formula for the disintegration of our country, and it must be totally discredited. It is rank racism masquerading as racial and social justice.

Evanston, Illinois is paying $25,000 to black families who are descendants of people who lived in Evanston between 1919 to 1969. The recipients must also have been victims of discrimination in housing because of policies or practices in the city “at that time.” Exactly how do you prove that? The whole thing is absurd, but that doesn’t matter to the Left. The important point is to show that they are “woke.” The city plans to distribute $10 million in these so called “reparations.”

That money will go to 16 families. In the meantime, there is no plan to address the poverty, violence, gangs, inadequate education and broken families that are pervasive in these communities. The Left has no interest in solving these problems. They benefit politically from the perpetuation of these horrendous conditions. By conjuring up the racial bogeyman, and demagoguing the issue, they lock down support to keep them in power.

It’s time to pull the cover off this con game so that real solutions can be implemented. For example, it’s time to institute choice in education to allow parents to shop around for the best education for their children instead of holding them hostage in government schools. Most black and Hispanic parents support school choice. Teachers unions and the politicians they own oppose the policy to the great detriment of their constituents. They should all be exposed for the self-absorbed tyrants they are.

In the next several weeks, we will begin advertising and organizing in target states to inform citizens in these areas. We will press the truth in the midst of the false narratives pushed by the mainstream media and Marxist politicians. We will help black and other minority citizens understand and support policies to make their lives better and the future of their children brighter. We need your help. Please make the most generous donation you can.


In the last few days, controversy has erupted in Georgia over the election reform law. I have studied that law thoroughly. There is nothing in it that remotely suggests “Jim Crow” or any kind of racial discrimination. Yet Joe Biden calls it “Jim Crow on steroids.”

In actuality, the law expands voting opportunities and makes the vote more secure by requiring ID for voting by mail. It makes voting consistent throughout the counties. It allows drop boxes but reduces the number, and requires constant supervision of those boxes and the ballots they collect.

The only way you can find discrimination is to assert that black and other minority people lack ID cards and cannot get them. This is more of the Left’s racist condescension, treating black Americans as if they are children who can’t meet one of the most basic requirements of the modern world – obtaining an ID.

You need an ID to do almost anything -- rent a car, get on an airplane or stay in a hotel room. You need an ID to cash your paycheck or deposit cash in a bank. You need an ID to pick up your pre-ordered tickets at the ballpark. The idea that black and Hispanic folks are incapable of meeting one of the most basic needs of life is utterly offensive. It is another in the long list of insults by leftist elites while they point the finger of “racism” at everyone else.

For a generation, they’ve worked to indoctrinate people into their race-obsessed vision, especially in schools. It’s going to take time to dismantle that twisted worldview. Please consider becoming a Patriot Partner with a monthly recurring donation. We depend upon grassroots support. Our goal this year is 500 Patriot Partners. These modest but consistent donations from our supporters make it possible for us to continue our mission.


Thank you for not giving up. I am confident that we will win this fight for the soul and future of our country, as long as we don’t give up. Your support is not only an encouragement to us here at STAND, but to all of those around the country who are encouraged and inspired by our work.

God bless you and your family and may He continue to bless our beloved, providential nation to fulfill the destiny He planned for America before the foundation of the world.

For God & Country,

Bishop E.W. Jackson Founder/President

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