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Reparations has been brought up repeatedly by the Left over the years. This time it’s serious. The radical Shiela Jackson Lee is proposing House Resolution 40, "Commission to Study and Develop Reparations Proposals for African Americans Act," which already has 162 sponsors.

This is not about justice for black people or anyone else. It is about tightening the political death grip they have on black voters. Abrams, chosen by George Soros and other elite leftists puppet masters, is one of the architects of this scheme. Her role is not merely voter registration and mobilization, but indoctrination. Her ultimate assignment is to assure that black voters think the right way so they will vote the right way.

Here is what Abrams said about reparations:

“I believe that African Americans and Native Americans are entitled to reparations. We are the two communities which have been legally disenfranchised since the inception of this country.”

We refuse to surrender to Stacey Abrams and her gang of Marxists. Reparations is another in the long list of bad ideas coming from the Left to divide our country and destroy any hope of a unified and stable future. The very concept of making one generation pay for the sins of another is not justice, social or otherwise. It is immoral. Slavery ended 155 years ago.

My father, grandfather and I have known only freedom. That is three generations, and my children are the fourth. With each generation, the standard of living has increased and life has gotten better for all Americans, including we who are of African ancestry.

Obsession with the past does nothing but distract us from building a future. I am concerned about our children and grandchildren getting a good education and having rewarding careers, happy lives and healthy families. There is no better place in the world for that to happen than the United States of America.

In April STAND is launching the “Awakening Hearts and Minds” Project to reach black, Hispanic and other minorities with a message of hope, opportunity and vision for the future. You can help us with your most generous donation today.


In addition to being immoral, reparations is wholly impractical. Steve Phillips, author of “Brown Is The New White” argues that every black American who has slave ancestry should be compensated for the next 235 years to match the period of enslavement, starting with the distribution of $6.4 trillion which he claims is today’s equivalent of 40 acres and mule. The problem is that no black person is going to live 235 years. He is actually suggesting paying people who are born 400 years after slavery ended.

Why don’t we go back 400 years ago and figure out what all of us are owed for wrongs done to our ancestors? Why stop at 400 years? Why don’t we go back a thousand years? You can see how absurd this is, but the mind of the leftist doesn’t care about the logic, just how it makes them look and feel. In their perverse view of the world, it confirms their moral superiority.

Black Entertainment Television founder, Robert Johnson, himself a billionaire, argues the sum should be $14.1 trillion.

Where does this end? Without a new vision for life in America, it doesn’t. Without a clear and cogent answer, this issue goes on in perpetuity. Even if by some madness our country were to succumb to this blackmail and reparations were to be paid, it would not be enough. There would still be claims of systemic racism, white supremacy, white privilege and who knows what else. There would next be a move to “give back” land “stolen” from Native Americans and Mexico.

I believe reparations is a formula for the complete disintegration of our culture and country. For example, I have heard leftists say, “Hispanics didn’t cross our border. We crossed theirs.” In other words, we owe reparations to every illegal immigrant as well. Or do we simply allow every person who lives beneath our southern border to come into America as an automatic citizen?

This madness has got to stop or America is headed for the ultimate destruction of our Constitutional Republic. Help us today with the best donation you can make. Since this is a long term problem, please consider a long term commitment. Join STAND as a Patriot partner with a recurring monthly donation.


Unlike the Left, we are not motivated by hatred but by love of country. Thank you for not giving up on our nation. We will not lose this fight. Last year we suffered some set backs, but that is not the end of the story. It is not over until we win.

Working together we are awakening the hearts and minds of our minority citizens who are being used as pawns in a Marxist agenda to turn America into a socialist slave state. We have the resources in our movement to compete with and defeat Soros and Abrams. We just need to deploy those assets and not just at election time. Please pray for us to obtain the resources to lead the way.

God bless you and your family, and may He strengthen us to fight the good fight of faith all the way to victory for our great nation.

For God & Country,

Bishop E.W. Jackson Founder/President

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